I need a friend to lend,
I´ll do it with any friend,
you´re weak enough to realize,
I´ll do cause you have a price.

You’ll take advantage while
I hang myself to dry
So I can’t see you, every night for free.

I’m digging in my mind,
I do hope you have the time,
I´ll shout loud in front of you,
If you love me and hate me too.

Is this the letter that you wrote
The day you went so far away from home?
Are these three kisses on the note
The ones I’ll never have again? No more…

What did you leave so quickly for?
Why didn’t you write your address or your phone?
Why don’t you stay? Why can’t I go?
How could I be so high and now so low?

And now I’m heading down the road
I’m leaving all the promises you broke
This age is coming to an end as fast as every day
And the only thing I can think, as I always did,
Is that you’ll always feel free…

Is this the song that I composed
The night we had a million beers or more?
Are these the cowboy boots you wore
The rising day that cought us making love?

I´m trying harder than ever
Even when we were in love
I´m longing to get into your life, babe
Don´t wanna wait anymore Cause everything was exciting
When I belonged to you
Yeah, everything gets exciting
When I belong to you

And when the moonlight shinning reflects
in your eyes I feel something that I can´t explain
If there was just a little hope that you could feel the same…
Love can be frightening when you fall

And I remember when you sang this old songs for me
It was a hot hot stary night we were alone in the street
And I know there I should remain somewhere in your memory
Well it´s hard when something so close is still so far to reach

Well I´ve been to many places in this country
And I guess that I will see so many more
But there´s a town in this road passed the mile 85
To which I swore I was never coming back

There I met a pretty girl that drove me crazy
She was a sweet as any man could dream
She had a perfect smile, a crown made up with daisies
And a secret that she used to keep for me

And she promised everything but she betrayed me
And all this bitterness still remains
As I guess she wouldn´t even dare to tell me
I took her crown away

As the time went by the daisies never withered
And I wonder if she ever cried for me
And when the wind blows strong I think I hear her whispers
Telling me that now she´s feeling incomplete

When I think ´bout the things that I have done
And the time that I spent at home alone
There´re some thoughts and regrets that never change
And the fears and the tears just go away

And those things made me see
Life´s too short let´s just live

Life puts crossroads and stones along your way
And you keep loosing friends every day
You can feel winds of change blowing your mind
Destiny is now reflecting in your eyes.

Well I’m just a lonesome cowboy, a total stranger in this town
I had to take an empty boxcar and I had to leave my home

Beyond this point of no return I took this old railroad
I had to leave my old mama I had to leave my horse

I left looking for something sometimes I think I can’t find
Sometimes I can’t avoid feeling I’m out of date, out of time

I walk down abandoned roads I ain’t got a dime in my pockets
There ain’t no hopes or dreams around only my shadow to bother

«Hey, lonesome cowboy, where do you think you go?
Why don’t you give us your hat
Why don’t you sing us a song?»

I heard these joky voices and I didn’t believe what I saw
There were two pretty twin pricesses trying to shoot me down

I ran inside the cantina trying to keep myself safe and sound
But that ain’t a good idea with these two goddesses around

And I knew in that right moment that I was getting into trouble
When they paid some double whiskies and I started to see double
And I ain’t gonna say a single word ‘bout how the story ends
After drinking and dancing like crazy almost to loose our conciousness.

Hey nena,
Don’t wanna hear what I have to say?
Hey nena,
Don’t wanna see why I have to show?

I can’t stay away from everything
Is that the life we have to live?
I can’t get along with other ones
So I hope you know what it means

Hey nena,
I’m gonna take you where I wanna go
Hey nena,
I’m gonna try to have it all with you

I can’t stay away from everything
Is that the life we have to live?
I can’t get along with other ones
So I hope you know what it means

That’s a train you know I just can’t jump in
Sometimes it gets so hard to see
I’m standing here beating on my mandoline
With all these promises you left for me

I’ll be there for you even if I’m half sick
I’d run away if you just hated me
I’d be there for you if you could understand me
But now I have another place to be…

I’ve got the fever down in my pockets
My stupidity always follows me
I take it to your house but can’t unlock it
You forgot to leave me with the key

How many times have you heard someone say,
«If I had his money I would do things my way.»
But little they know that it’s so hard to find
one rich man in ten with a satisfied mind.

When my life is over and my time has run out
my friends and my loved ones I will leave there’s no doubt

Money can’t buy back all your youth when you’re old
a friend when you’re lonely or peace to your soul.
The wealthiest person is a pauper at times
compared to the man with a satisfied mind.

But one thing’s for certain when it comes my time,
I will leave this old world with a satisfied mind.

Oh little girl from Virginia
You are begging me to stay
But now this life seems too far away
And look for luck and money day by day.

Oh little girl from Virginia
You´re asking me to leave my way
But there´s no light that can guide my steps
And I look for some money day by day.

Oh little girl from Virginia
You don´t even know my name
And I don´t think I´m ever gonna settle down
And I ain´t got no money for today

And all the time we spent together
And all the words I didn´t say
And now I can´t believe you´re cheating me this way
While you spent all my money day by day.

La noche ya cayó,
yo no caigo dormido
Bebido me pilla el amanecer
Las horas se amontonan, las horas se persiguen
Y el lunes comienza a aparecer…

¿Qué tendrá ese bar de los hombres perdidos?
Que entran y no pueden salir,
Cuántos desengaños, cuántos sueños malditos
Caen en el olvido de ese pozo sin fin…
A veces hay jóvenes, a veces no hay doncellas
No encuentro la salida de este bar
A veces la salida parece muy estrecha
Cuidado no se vayan a enfadar…

Hay gente veterana, que alguno dé guerra
Algún coyote siempre habrá
Monos malabares al salir por la puerta
Pinturas rupestres del lugar…